Catering - Frequently Asked Questions

Catering - Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of events do you cater?
We cater everything from office lunches to weddings! We can “bring the fiesta” to birthday parties, sports tailgates, late-night wedding snacks, business meetings, school functions and much more.

How far in advance should I place my order?
Your best option is to order as soon as you’re ready. We appreciate a 24-hour notice ahead of your pick-up or delivery time but keep in mind it’s all dependent upon the availability of our hard-working team and volume of orders that may already be placed. For weekend orders, it’s best to order by Thursday. As soon as you have all the necessary information for the event, we encourage you to start your order.

Is there a minimum order amount?
There is -- $75 for an order or $50 for a breakfast order.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do. There’s a $10 delivery fee inside city limits and additional charges may apply outside of city limits. We’ll even set up the order for you!

How can I place my catering order?
Fill out the form online for what you’d like. Our catering team will reach out to you as soon as possible to confirm the order. You can also call our Catering Manager at (402) 413-7163. For those that would rather type a message, shoot an email to [email protected].

Do I supply my own plates, forks and napkins?
Plates, forks, serving spoons, tongs and napkins come with all our self-serve bars. Boxed lunches include napkins and forks for salads.

Do you provide chafing dishes to keep the order hot for a long period of time?
That’s up to you! We will ask when you place the order and will certainly provide them for you. If it’s a pickup order, we’ll give you instructions for setup and tear down.

How much food do I get per person in a self-serve bar?
For our self-serve bar options, each guest is allocated a similar amount of food they’d get as if they were in one of our restaurants.

Do catering orders include drinks or desserts?
You can add on Kopeli coffee, lemonade or fresh brewed iced tea. The box meals come with a gourmet chocolate chip cookie, but you can certainly add on Crispos or a dozen cookies to any order.

Do you accept checks for catering orders?
We do accept business checks, but not personal checks. If you’re planning to pay with a business check, it’ll be due upon pickup or delivery. 

Can I pay in advance for a catering order?
You bet. Paying in advance is required for all catering orders.

Can I set up an account, PO Number or be invoiced for catering orders?
Not yet – we’re working on developing a system for this.

Can my organization place a tax-exempt catering order?
Yes, you just need to fill out the Nebraska Resale or Exempt Sale Certificate found here ahead of time and submit it via email to [email protected].

How much space will I need to set up a self-serve bar?
We recommend having at least a 6 to 8-foot table for serving. For larger orders, you’ll need a bigger table.

Do I need to bring any items back to the restaurant?
Nope, we’ve made sure all the packaging is convenient and disposable. However, we appreciate when guests return the wire chafing racks and will reward with a gift card for your next meal.

Why can’t I pay online?
We’re working on a system for this. In fact, in the near future, you’ll be able to order ahead online from your favorite Amigos location.

Do you have any vegetarian or vegan catering options?
All our self-serve bars include a meat option, but they also include veggies, rice and beans. The great thing part is each guest can create their own meal. For boxed meals, there are options for holding the meat. 

How do I reserve the fountain?
The ranch fountain is great addition to any event. Call (402) 413-7163 or email [email protected]. There is a $100 deposit required on all fountains.

How will I know how to set it up?
The best option is to add delivery and we’ll set up for you. We can also stay and maintain the fountain to make sure the ranch or cheese stays flowing perfectly for an additional hourly charge. If you opt to pick up and setup yourself, we’ll give you instructions to on how to setup, maintain and cleanup at the end of the event.

How much ranch (or cheese) is included with my fountain order?
With your order of the fountain, we include three quarts of ranch. That’s the minimum amount needed to run the fountain. You’ll need to order more ranch a la carte so you can replenish as guests use the product to keep the fountain flowing.

Can I keep the ranch that’s left over?
You can certainly scoop out the ranch with the included spoon or a ladle before cleaning.