Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Our employees are the heart of our restaurant operation. Amigos/Kings Classic relies on our workers to make sure every customer's dining experience is a positive one. Our employees learn a variety of jobs within the restaurant and every shift is a team effort. Here are some of the positions at our stores:

Register Operator/ Customer Service

  • Greets customers, answers menu-related questions, and rings up orders.
  • Delivers food to the customers and makes sure the order is complete.
  • Keeps dining room clean by wiping tables, picking up trash, and spot cleaning.
  • Makes sure customers get a mint and personal, friendly service.
  • Wears headset and takes customer orders in the drive-thru.
  • Requires good eye contact, excellent communication and coordination skills, accuracy, the ability to handle multiple tasks, the ability to count back change, and the ability to do suggestive selling.

Prep Opener

  • Follows recipes to prepare menu items such as salsas, sauces, guacamole, refritos, etc.
  • Responsible for frying the necessary amount of items to last certain shifts for the day (i.e. taco shells, salad shells, cripsos).
  • Must understand food safety guidelines and follow proper sanitation and temperature procedures.


  • Prepares the food as it is ordered in a timely manner according to our company menu item specifications.
  • Must monitor that all foods are maintained and served at the proper temperatures.
  • Fries menu items as ordered and tracks holding times of those fried items.
  • Requires a detailed and accurate knowledge of ingredient portions, preparation, and wrapping specifications, as well as good coordination, good listening skills, speed, and attention to safety.

Shift Supervisor

  • Should be proficient at all of the employee kitchen positions.
  • Must have the ability to manage the employees smoothly.
  • Must be a good decision maker.

Assistant Manager

  • Should be proficient at all of the employee kitchen positions and would be scheduled to manage shifts.
  • Ability to demonstrate good decision-making skills as well as taking ownership for store cleanliness and crew morale.

Associate Manager

  • Requires at least one year of experience as an Assistant Manager.
  • Generally work 50-55 hours a week in a varied schedule.
  • Manages shifts.
  • Should understand all aspects of store management including paperwork, limited scheduling, inventory, ordering, food costs, and labor percentages.
  • Responsible for understanding and set examples of good sanitation practices.
  • Takes leadership in maintaining a clean, safe environment.


  • Leader of the store's crew and responsible for the hourly and daily operations of the store assuring that good-tasting, high quality food is served in a timely fashion according to company standards.
  • Requires at least one year of intense management training and show proficiency in all areas of work in the store.
  • Generally work 50-55 hours per week.
    Duties may include all or some of the following:
    Interviewing, training, hiring, conducting paycheck conferences, giving reviews, crew motivation, scheduling, inventory control, monitoring labor and food costs, evaluating and maintaining store cleanliness, monitoring equipment and fixtures for necessary repair, creating a clean and safe environment for the customers and crew.