High School Bonus Programs

High School Bonus Programs

You can earn extra spending money while in high school for working for a company that appreciates high school students. We have designed two programs to reward high school students for working for us.  Eligible employees can participate in both plans at the same time.

Also, working one, two, or three years before starting our college Student Tuition Empoyment Program will give you extra points towards that program and make it easier to earn more money.

Graduation Bonus

$50 per semester

Upon their high school graduation, qualifying employees receive a check of $50 for each semester completed while working at Amigos/Kings Classic. It makes a great graduation present!

  • All high school students working at Amigos/Kings Classic are eligible for this bonus.
  • The cut-off hire dates to gain the tenure bonus for the semester are September 15th and February 1st.
  • The bonus will be figured on continuous employment from the hire date, regardless of which location(s) the student has worked during their employment. Tenure is figured by school semesters.
  • The bonus check will be written to the employee and sent to the store within a week of high school graduation.
  • The student must be currently employed by Amigos/Kings Classic at the time of graduation.

Susan started working at Amigos/Kings Classic on January 25th during her sophomore year of high school. She had worked a total of five school semesters upon graduation. Susan received a check for $250 ($50 x 5 semesters) minus taxes within a week of her graduation.

Prime Time Bonus

$200 per semester

Qualifying high school employees can receive $200 at the end of each school semester if specified "prime time" shifts are worked.

  • This bonus is available to all high school students working at least one weekend night closing shift (past midnight) an average of three times per month or working the lunch shift an average of three times per week during the semester.
  • The bonus check will be written to the employee and sent to the store within two weeks after the end of each high school semester.
  • Cut-off hire dates are September 15th for the first semester and February 1st for the second semester.

Jeff made himself available for work either Friday or Saturday nights on as many weekends as possible. He checked the school football schedule and what his friends were doing and asked off for the nights he had other plans. At the end of the semester he had worked an average of three closing shifts per month and received a $200 bonus check.