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Join Our Team!

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We are looking for just the right people to join our crew.

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To apply: Right-click the APPLY NOW link above and save the PDF application form to your computer.  Then do one of the following:

  • Open the application in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (DO NOT USE PREVIEW ON A MAC), fill it out and save it.  Then, attach it to an email to with "Submitting Completed Form" in the Subject line.

  • OR print application, fill it out and take it to any Amigos/Kings location.

Matt Keslar: From Co-Worker to Manager


At the age of 14, he took it upon himself to get a job.  He wanted to make his own money and do things on his own.  His sister referred him to Amigos since she herself had enjoyed her time as an Amigos co-worker, and the rest is history. 

Or shall we say, the present

Now 21, Matt recently took on the role of manager for our Coddington & West A Lincoln location. For the past 7 years, Matt’s instinct, drive, and motivation to do well have taken him through the ranks of leadership and allowed him to finally manage his very own Amigos/Kings location.

His advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps? “Learn the menu; it will be your best friend. And work your butt off. Work harder than anyone else.”

Words of wisdom from the recently of-age manager. 

On independence: “I was 14. I was Mr. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. I wanted money.” 

On leading: “I think it’s part of my natural instinct and drive to just go and be the leader.”

On managing: “As a manager, you have to manage by example. I have a different mentality than expecting the employees to work while I manage. I expect the employees to work while I work harder than them. Because you can’t expect anyone to work hard if you’re not.” 

On teamwork: “We all work as a team to get everything done, and we’re all having a good time being happy at work.”

On variety: “I like the variety of responsibilities and working with so many different people and different cultures.  I’ve learned how to be a leader of all sorts of different people and work with all sorts of different people.”